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Using Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss.  Lisa’s Story.  Lisa is 60 years of age and requested help with weight loss. She has been a divorcee for a number of years and had a very acrimonious divorce. She regards sex and partners as a problem and has repressed any feelings in this regard. Lisa’s attitude towards food is that one mustn’t waste. She eats to fill a need, as food makes her content and placates her.

Eating suppresses Lisa’s need to feel – her fat protects her.

The Sessions

Regression revealed that Lisa was not comfortable expressing her feelings. Lisa took herself back to the first time she ate when she was unhappy. She was 8 years old and her Mother was sick. Father was crying.

Definition: Anchor

An anchor is a physical tool – say stroking your ear lobe – given whilst in hypnosis. This is accompanied by a suggestion that the relaxation you are presently feeling will be yours whenever you need it, just by using the anchor (the physical thing such as stroking your ear-lobe).

Lisa was given new suggestions to change her behaviour:

This had a tremendous impact on Lisa. The family were very “stiff upper lip” and showing your feelings was not encouraged. Lisa turned to food to cope with her feelings rather than expressing them.

During regression, Lisa was able to understand that expressing feelings of any sort – good and bad – is healthy. She learned to deal with her feelings and not turn to food.

  • Eat only when hungry;
  • Accept that negative emotions are a part of life;
  • Confidently deal with life situations without eating for comfort.

Lisa was given a cd to listen to at home which was an “image rehearsal”: seeing herself slim, coping with eating in potentially difficult situations (e.g. parties and restaurants). Lastly Lisa was instructed on the use of self-hypnosis and given an anchor to help her cope with stressful times. This is often used by sports players who have some physical ritual before an important stage in their game.

Lisa reported that her comfort eating had ceased and she was eating less. 3 months after hypnotherapy started, Lisa had lost 10 kgs – something she had never achieved in the past!

NOTES: For many people diets don’t work. The problem with weight is related to underlying issues which need to be dealt with and addressed before the physical symptom – being over weight – is overcome.