What to expect from Fertility Massage Therapy.  Because it is not usual to receive massage treatments in the abdominal areas Fertility Massage Therapy treatment starts on the back of the body which will give you time to relax and slow down.

When working on the abdomen you will be touched from the public bone up to the rib cage which include different massage techniques including pulsing and rebozo.

You will be nurtured and held in a space of safety to become aware of and connect to your creative energy and to allow you to release deep seated emotions that may be blocking your energy.  

Many people ask Can I receive Fertility Massage Therapy throughout my cycle?”  The answer to that is yes. 

During menstruation the focus is on the lumbar/sacral and digestive area and the womb area is avoided.  Rebozo massage is included to help you deeply relax and “let go”.

During the Pre-ovulation and Ovulation phase the massage includes your lower back, digestion and womb area.  The increased circulation in these areas boosts nutrients, oxygen and hormonal flow to the womb and ovaries.

During the post-ovulation or post implantation phase the womb area is avoided the focus is on the sacrum and upper abdomen to boost circulation in the womb.  As we move into the 2 week wait this is a time of PMS.  Pulsing is a beautifully gentle method of shifting these feelings from within and allowing them to surface and be rocked out of your body.

“You can receive Fertility Massage Therapy throughout your cycle, changing and flowing as you do”

Upon booking your consultation you will be asked to complete the consultation form which needs to be completed and returned at least 2 days prior to your appointment.

The initial consultation is of 90 minutes duration and will give us the opportunity to decide the best way that we can work together, allowing you time to share your emotional aspects of your fertility journey.  You will receive a full Massage Therapy and receive support in the form of self-care information and techniques that you can use between sessions.  This includes fertility lifestyle advice, menstrual charting, and instructions on yoni steaming and castor oil packs.

For the follow up sessions You can choose either a 50 minute or 90 minute appointment when we will re-connect at the beginning of each session to assess how you are feeling, any improvements since your last treatment and you will receive a Fertility Massage Therapy tailored to your new needs.  You can also use the follow up sessions to ensure that you are performing the techniques correctly.

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